Alcohol Rehab – Your Ally in Treating Addiction

Is it a struggle for you to stop drinking? Do you long to let go of what won’t let go of you? Here at Red Rock Addiction and Treatment Company, we understand that recovery from alcohol addiction takes time, effort, and dedication. It is our goal to encourage you in your journey to sobriety and equip you with the tools necessary to effectively overcome the pull of addiction.

Arming you with the tools to rise above your addiction is our highest priority. We offer the best healing environment, professional staff, and top-tier facilities in Phoenix.

Alcohol Addiction – Our Professional Team and Commitment

Our medical team consists of qualified and experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and other medical professionals prepared to assist you at all times.  With 24-hour care available, you will be on the right path toward recovery.

Patient Advisers are ready to help guide you to find solutions to your problems. We take pride in serving and helping you become free from alcohol addiction so you can live the kind of life you want and desire.


What Happens During Alcohol Rehab

Before your admission, you will undergo an assessment, where our medical experts make sure to get to know you and fine-tune the process of recovery according to personality, history with substance abuse, individual preferences, and professional analysis. By doing this, we make sure the entire process is completely personalized. We recognize that everyone has his or her own path toward recovery, and we are here to help you find yours.

After the assessment and throughout recovery, you will express your thoughts and receive support from a psychiatric professional. In addition to individual counseling, 12-step meetings, and group therapies are practiced regularly. Educational and life skill classes are also offered.  You will meet with fellow patients frequently and have a chance to connect your healing process with others who are undergoing similar situations. During the meetings, you will have the opportunity to focus on various topics relevant to spending your life in sobriety.

Once you complete your treatment process, you will be taken through discharge and aftercare—both of which will help prepare you for life after alcohol addiction treatment.

Should you Attend Red Rock Addiction and Treatment’s Alcohol Rehab

 You are the only one who can make the decision to make a change. If you’ve been trying to quit drinking but have not been able to, chances are you’ve got a problem with alcohol.  The following are some signs of alcoholism. Do any of these resonate with you?:

  • You’ve tried to quit drinking on your own numerous times but haven’t succeeded
  • You try to limit your drinks, but you drink more than you want time and time again
  • You’ve been trouble with your spouse or the police for drinking at work or home
  • You lie about how often you drink
  • You drink before you even head out to get a drink with others, to get a head start
  • You drink while working
  • You’ve lost interest in things you used to like to do
  • You’ve isolated yourself and find yourself drinking alone more often
  • You skip meals and drink instead
  • You tend to plan your life around drinking and obsess about it
  • You feel like you cannot have fun unless you’re drinking

If you resonate with some of these, it’s a sign that you have a dependence on alcohol and may need Alcohol Rehab to break free.

Recognizing and admitting that you have alcoholism is your first step toward recovery and freedom.  Once you do this, you can then accept help and move forward toward a life full of peace, freedom, and joy. Cutting out drinking allows you to gain clarity and direction for you and your family.

Go ahead and take action today toward a life free from the grip of alcohol, so you can live the kind of life you really want. Call Us Now at 855-213-4855 to Speak With a Representative.