Partnering with Licensed Medical Detox Facilities for Your Benefit

Here at Red Rock Addiction Treatment Company, we take pride in helping to guide you toward a life of recovery. One of the highlighted assets of our facility is our partnership with supervised, licensed and medical detox centers whose focus is on patient safety and comfort. We focus on complete recovery through physical and psychological treatment processes. We understand the need for safety and the desire for comfort while detoxing. Although we do not have an on-site detox facility, we arrange transportation to our partner detox centers. If you happen to be traveling to Arizona, we will arrange transportation from the airport to the facility. We also bring you back to our facility after detoxification is complete so you can begin your rehab treatment. You do not have to worry about a thing.

Our Partner Detox Center

Our partner detoxes aim at easing withdrawal symptoms and lessening the grip of harmful substances. As you may be aware, when you stop drinking or taking drugs, your body is still full of toxins, however, very soon after you begin abstaining your body begins to eliminate them.  As the elimination process begins, you may experience some withdrawal symptoms, many of which can be minimized or eliminated with the assistance of medical detox.

The detox process doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.  The services our partner detox provides are safe, comfortable, and efficient. The staff at the detox facility prides itself on offering a supportive environment which promotes mental preparation for the next phase of the recovery journey. The detox process begins with a patient assessment to guide the detox process managing safety, comfort, ad efficiency.  This assessment also initiates the creation of your personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

The Detox Process

If your detox process continues during treatment sessions medical supervision will continue to oversee the detox process at all times. Managing withdrawal symptoms is important so you can relax and enjoy your stay rather than be distracted by withdrawals and decreasing your potential for success. You will have the opportunity to attend individualized therapy and group meetings, which aim to create a sense of community. Recovery counselors are available to provide essential peer support and case management for every patient.

The Mission of a Safe Detox Process

Our partners aim to help those struggling with alcoholism or addiction get on track with their mental and physical recovery by facilitating a safe, comfortable detox process. They achieve this by combining appropriate medical care for withdrawal symptom management with compassion and support. Substance abuse and addiction take a toll on every patient, and those entering a detox center are likely worn out and ready for the change. Red Rock Addiction Treatment can help get you into a nationally recognized medical detox program to being your recovery journey. Patients note significant relief from withdrawal symptoms upon going through detox with our partner center and arrive here ready to continue their journey toward a sober, healthy life.

What Happens After Detox?

After leaving the detox center, we will transport you to the Red Rock Facility to continue your treatment in a safe, nurturing environment. You’ll have clarity, new found hope, and direction after completing the detox process, and you’ll be ready to continue your recovery toward a successful, happy life.

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