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Welcome to Red Rock Addiction & Treatment, we are here to help guide and encourage your success. We understand that the disease of addiction can take its toll on an individual, and that help is often necessary to get sober and stay sober. Here at Red Rock Addiction & Treatment, our comprehensive approach to recovery will help you identify and address the underlying factors driving your substance abuse.  We don’t stop there, we want to make sure you not only achieve sobriety but that you also are equipped to maintain sobriety by implementing the use of learned tools to combat triggers and cravings.

Can Drug Rehab Work?

Drug rehab can work for a variety of reasons:

  • Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company provides a safe haven where you can let go of day-to-day worries and focus on healing the hurt that led you into addiction. Here you can embrace the safety and security needed to move forward with your recovery.
  • You get to the root of your addiction. Your treatment will empower you to hone in on the root causes of your addiction. Here you will be encouraged to dig deep and discover the real reason you began using drugs. Real and lasting freedom begins at the root.
  • You have individual and/or group counseling to help you work through any underlying mental or emotional issues that need to be addressed to remain free from drugs. Many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from depression, anger, unforgiveness, resentment or a host of other issues. Counseling is a great tool to get to the root of any problems and learn techniques for getting through life clean and sober.
  • You learn how to cope with cravings. While in treatment, you will learn how to deal with triggers and cravings to avoid relapse. Use tools and daily behaviors to ensure your sobriety.
  • You learn valuable life skills. Most people suffering from addiction deal with stress and life experiences by using drugs. They lack necessary coping skills, communication skills, stress-reduction skills, relationships skills, and more. You will learn valuable life skills to help you confidently face life on life’s terms clean and sober.
  • You are furnished with aftercare options. While in treatment, you and your therapist will develop an aftercare plan that will support your goal of sobriety. This plan will help you maintain a routine and eliminate the addition of unnecessary stressors to your daily living. For example, you may opt to attend 12-step meetings, see a counselor, volunteer, etc., to continue your recovery journey.
  • Relapse prevention. Before discharge, you will sit with your therapist to create a detailed and practical Relapse Prevention Plan.

Offering Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment

Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company offers Partial Hospitalization Program care. We can also connect you with our licensed Intensive Outpatient Program partners

PHP, also called “Partial Hospitalization” provides treatment at the facility during the day, and at night you stay in your own home, or optional housing is available. This program gives you the opportunity to understand and confront your addiction by eliminating the stressors of day-to-day life while providing you the safety and guidance needed to deal with the underlying causes of your addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is less restrictive and more suitable for those who have already completed an inpatient program and want to extend treatment to more gradually integrate back into normal life. An individualized treatment plan is developed to ensure intensive rehabilitation services are implemented in the IOP setting as well. This option empowers those who want treatment and freedom from addiction but need flexibility. Outpatient treatment offers group and individual counseling as well as practical courses in job skills.

What About Detox?

Our affiliated, licensed Detox Center partner offers a level of care that provides medical supervision to ensure your safety and well-being while eliminating the chemicals from your system. This phase of treatment is typically 3-10 days depending on the chemical addiction. Should you need this level of care, we will work in tandem with the detox center of your choice or one of our partner facilities.

Upon release from the detox center, we will provide transportation to our treatment center where you will check in and begin your journey with us.

Don’t Wait.

If you’re struggling with a drug addiction, whether it’s cocaine, heroin, opiates, meth, crack, or other substance, call us today to get the treatment you need to rise above your addiction.

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