How long will I be staying in rehab?

The duration of addiction treatment depends on the condition of your mind and body. Not everyone spends the same amount of time in rehab; the more severe your addiction is, the longer you may stay in the facility. When you or your loved one is admitted to the Red Rock Addiction and Treatment Center, we conduct an assessment which will determine the treatment plan, and it is then that we see how long the patient needs to stay in rehab. It is common for many who come to stay for about 30 days, but treatment time does vary.

What will happen when I arrive at rehab?

Once you arrive at our facility, we will welcome you wholeheartedly. A number of informative procedures will then take place, all of them aimed at shedding light on the healing process that is about to commence. You will get a tour of the rehab facility, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. You’ll be able to settle in and relax some on your first day, but you may also begin treatment right away by attending a 12-step or group meeting to get acquainted with others going through the program.

Will I be able to exercise or participate in physical activities?

We highly encourage physical exercise. Since not everyone is the same age or at the same level of physical fitness, we provide a wide array of events and activities for our patients. We then set up a program for each patient to maximize the effects of physical activity on their personal process of recovery. Various pieces of gym equipment are available in our facility. In addition, we strive to organize outdoor events such as recreational sports and more.

What can I bring with me?

You or your loved one should bring weather-appropriate clothing, a picture ID, insurance card, and a little bit of cash for ancillary purchases, if you choose. Avoid overpacking and make sure to pack light and comfortable clothes. No over-the-counter drugs, salves, ointments, alcohol containing products or dietary supplements are allowed. A complete list of what you should and shouldn’t bring will be given to you before you come for treatment.

Will my friends and family be able to visit me while I am in rehab?

We do approve visits when a patient spends a certain amount of time in the facility. We have programs in place that actively involve family in your or your loved one’s recovery as well. Isolation can be harmful to patients who suffer from addiction, and we encourage family involvement. There are family therapy sessions where patients will be able to strengthen the bond with their family, which contributes to their recovery.

Will I be successful in my recovery?

We give you the tools and support necessary to build a wonderful foundation for your recovery. If you continue to implement those tools when you leave, your chances of a successful recovery can be greater.  Recovery takes effort and time and we certainly do our best to equip you for walking the road of recovery long-term.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at  855-213-4855 and we’ll be happy to assist you.