At Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company, we pride ourselves on helping you treat your addiction. Our mission is to give all people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction a safe place where they can learn the necessary skills to confidently live a life of sobriety. We do this by partnering with licensed detox facilities and by hiring professionals in their field. By using trusted partners who focus on a specific steps in the continuum of care and by specializing in the PHP phase of treatment, we strive to provide our clients the highest level of care. The end result is our clients receive a great chance to a successful recovery.



We know how difficult it is to choose sobriety. We understand that often times people are deterred from getting treatment out of fear of being judged. At Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company, we guarantee our clients privacy. We abide by HIPPA regulations, which protects the information of patients from being disclosed to unauthorized parties. Our goal is to help our clients overcome addiction and by having strict privacy policies, we believe that they can come in confidently knowing that their information is safe with us.

Open Mindedness

Addiction is an unbiased disease and can affect anyone. At Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company, we offer our services those seeking help. We are unbiased and facilitate open-mindedness in all aspects of treatment. Our clients can feel safe and welcome in our facilities and our partner facilities. We are here to help and do not judge.


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