At Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company, we are committed to providing and maintaining an environment that is conducive to your recovery.  Our team is ready to help you begin your journey of healing psychologically and physically. We empower you to break free from the grip of drugs and alcohol. To maximize your potential for long term success it is important that you feel safe enough to delve into those underlying issues driving your addiction, our team is here to help provide that experience.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Many times, underneath the dependence of mind-altering substances, there are issues contributing to the pattern of abusive behavior. Such issues could be childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, depression, high anxiety, and more. We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and stable environment that supports and encourages you as you identify and address the core issues underlying your use. As you begin to address those issues you simultaneously begin to heal and as you heal your cravings for drugs and/or alcohol begin to decrease.

Relapse Prevention Tools and Techniques

Throughout your stay at Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company, you’ll be exposed to many evidence-based relapse prevention tools and techniques. We can give you a full tool box to help you maintain sobriety after you leave treatment, it is up to you to use those tools.

You will learn what your internal and external triggers are and how you can cope with them without drugs or alcohol. We will help you create a relapse prevention plan before you go home, having and using a solid plan is your best defense as you continue on your path of recovery.

You’ll also be exposed to the 12-step approach and have the opportunity to continue attending meetings once you leave treatment. You will not feel alone once treatment is finished; you’ll have a strong peer support system by your side.

Why You Should Choose Red Rock Addiction & Treatment Company?

Here are some reasons you might want to consider attending:

  • We provide multiple levels of support, helping to promote your successful recovery
  • Our staff is highly experienced and compassionate
  • Our treatment is affordable
  • We create your treatment plan with your unique needs and situation at its core
  • Our facility has a nurturing feel, helping you to feel safe and secure
  • We partner with reputable Detox facilities and IOP in the area to offer you support along every step of your progression through the full continuum of care.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, the first months are critical to helping you build a solid recovery foundation. Attending an alcohol treatment program is a wonderful way to start. Your first step toward beating alcoholism will most likely be detoxification to give your body a chance to get rid of the toxins associated with alcohol.  We partner with licensed medical detox centers in the area dedicated to getting you on the right path safely and comfortably.

Once you are medically cleared from detox we’ll take care of the transportation from the detox center and to our facility for you to begin treatment with us. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to discuss matters with you. Simply give us a call at  855-213-4855  and let’s get you started on the path toward sobriety, happiness, and a more peaceful life.

We operate treatment facilities and are associated with affiliated treatment centers.  We may refer a client to one of these entities if the treatment needs and payment abilities match the treatment offerings at these facilities.  The client is free to decide to seek treatment at another facility.  We may recommend another treatment center not affiliated to Red Rock Treatment Addiction and Treatment Company to a client based on his/her individual needs and payment ability.